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How Do You Plant One Million Trees?

You plant one at a time. That is how anything gets done, by starting with the first one and then just keep moving. We know that our goal of planting one million trees seems difficult but we also know that New Mexicans are special and unique and able to accomplish amazing things.

earth day
Earth Day

The Melloy Million Tree Project

We have joined forces with an international conservancy organization to plant 75 trees for every new car sold, specifically focused first in the Santa Fe National Forest. As this spring's fires and this summer's floods have shown, our forests are a fragile, yet vital part of our lives. We should all be concerned with ensuring their survival.



Is this just an advertising gimmick?

No. With the current vehicle shortage there is little need for car dealers to advertise, when a new vehicle arrives they are usually sold immediately. Although we do want people to know about the project to raise awareness this is not an advertising gimmick.


Is this a carbon offset program?

Our goal with the project is to help reforestation of our National Forests and to plant one million trees. We know there is some debate about the merit of carbon offsets and frankly, we are not interested in claiming this is a carbon offset program. We just want to plant trees.


Why partner with a conservancy organization?

We would love to take trees and plant them ourselves, sounds like fun, but we just don't have the time to dig one million holes ourselves! Our partner, carbonoffsetcompany.org is teamed up with organizations that are equipped to handle the planting such as One Tree Planted, Eden Reforestation Projects, Trees for the Future, Plant with Purpose and the National Forest Foundation.


Are you charging customers for the project?



Which Melloy Automotive dealerships are participating?

Melloy Ford , Melloy Chevrolet , and Melloy Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram are the only participating dealers.

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